Bailey Smith

Web & Graphic Designer // Musician // Jack Of All Trades 

Hi there. 

Before we jump into my credentials, accomplishments, and work experience, I'd like to share a little bit about myself with you. Obviously you're here to get a feel for what kind of person I am on an executive level, and I can tell you that as far as professionalism goes: I really mean business. Expediency, creativity, diligence, flexibility, curiosity -- these are all adjectives I could use to describe the traits that accompany me in the workplace. I'm an easy going and open-minded individual who never settles for the easiest route. A good sense of humor and a winning attitude are attributes that I value in myself and my team.

My hometown - Independence, Kansas - is located in the far southeast corner of the state. I spent my childhood & teenage years reading novels, particularly Stephen King, playing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath on my guitar, and trying to find ways to have fun with my friends in rural America.

In 2005, I moved to Lawrence and enrolled at The University of Kansas. It took me about two years to realize that KU just wasn't the right atmosphere for me and I transferred to Washburn University in Topeka where I eventually earned my Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis in creative writing. During college I worked at grocery stores and taught guitar lessons. After graduation, I mowed the grounds at the Topeka Country Club and scoured newspaper ads for entry level jobs. Positions for English majors are notoriously competitive, and I had spent most of my free time writing music and playing shows with my band, War Dogs, during school instead of interning. So I applied to several office positions to get my foot in the door somewhere.

In 2012, Ernest-Spencer Metals hired me on as a receptionist. I quickly set out to prove myself so I could climb the corporate ladder. Within the year I was part of the accounting team overseeing payroll. I'm not sure how; math has never been my strong suit. At the same time, I'd formed a rock band, Youngblood Supercult (which would go on to be a major part of my "outside" life for the next seven years; organizing several small national tours and playing large festivals when it was reasonably possible), and took it upon myself to design all of our media and merchandise: partially out of creative desire and partially out of lack of resources ($$$) to commission a professional artist. I taught myself how to use any software I could get my hands on, particularly Adobe Creative Suite programs. As I learned more, the art and material got better, as well as my skill set.

I bought a DSLR camera and did some graphic design and marketing work for Ernest-Spencer Metals before leaving to take on a full time marketing and design position at Harris Fabrication. It was in that role that I gained experience in full-scope project management and supervised a team of drafters in getting orders processed and onto the shop floor. Harris Fab allowed me the creative freedom to build their website, produce brochures, promotional items, customer newsletters, video and photo advertising material, and more.

A few years later, in 2018, I was recruited to work as the Customer Relations Analyst at Industrial Maintenance, Inc. I took on the challenge of overhauling branding and design for IMI and their three sister companies. It didn't take me long to realize there was an opportunity to widen IMI's metal fabrication abilities, and after a pitch to the company's owner and a gathering of my resources, contacts, and former customers, I helped create, structure, brand, and launch their new fabrication division -- Vulkan Steel Manufacturing.


However, in the company's desire to set course for a different direction, my position was cut. Shortly after, I was hired on full-time as Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Child Care Aware of Eastern Kansas, a local non-profit agency, and while the mission was fulfilling, the overall environment was not the right fit for me. From February until October, I worked remotely as a Graphic Design Consultant for Cara Guitars and in person as the Assistant Manager/Guitar Instructor for Top City Music, but I relocated to Carrollton, TX to be near my family during COVID-19 and I am seeking permanent, local, full-time employment.